Are you ready to heal, grow and progress like you never have before?

Are you fed up of talking about change and ready to make the change with a proven technique?

Are you craving an environment of people focussed on freedom, possibility and self-growth?


The Possibility Club with Poppy Delbridge

For those seeking new ways to optimise their state of wellbeing in a unqiue personal growth club, using RAPID TAPPING® 

Led by International Success Coach, EFT Energy Psychologist and RAPID TAPPING® Founder, Poppy Delbridge, are you ready to take your opportunities and frequency to the next level?

For the seekers of more, The Possibility Club is here.

Are any of these 'You'?

You’ve tried meditation, yoga, therapies or coaching and you’re a seeker of new perspectives, self-growth and wellbeing. 

You’re inside your head a lot, over-analysing yourself or your life to the point where you think you’re stuck or trapped or overwhelmed. 

You wonder sometimes if you’ll ever be good enough, happy enough, successful enough.

You’re ready to let go of the hurt, trauma or pain you suffer (often silently) in areas of your life, like your career, relationships, abundance-levels or health. 

There’s only so much you can deal with alone, and you’d like to increase your resilience, self-compassion or professional output levels alongside others.

You’d like to know how to ‘7D manifest’ to get the exciting FUN results that others seem to get. 

You’re ready to tap into
more - and you don’t want to put it off any longer.

We are proud to be recommended by some of the most respected publications, and to work with organisations such as:

Open the door to your best life, clearest mind and wholest heart. 

If you’ve been using Rapid Tapping for a while, or you’re brand new to the methodology, it has been developed from Emotional Freedom Technique (aka Tapping) specifically to clear our limitations and blocks, in order to manifest our goals and desires.

As a long-running advocate of self-development, creative processes and growth mindset, Founder, Poppy Delbridge, now invites you to join her unique virtual Tapping Club, where you don’t have to do it all alone.

So what is The Possibility Club?

Founder, Poppy explains in this video:

Hi, I’m Poppy, and I also wanted to write a personal note about this Club, to see if you should accept your invitation to join us. 
You might have tried Rapid Tapping or EFT and want to supercharge it. You have dabbled with manifesting and you want it to work every timeYou know the value of prioritising emotional wellbeing or holistic health but it's not always easy.
You have obligations, tasks, a busy career, or family commitments and it needs to fit into that. And you want to become as effective, emotionally free and powered-up as you can. 
I believe this is a results-driven, science-backed way to change your life for the better in every area. I use it myself. Self-development is ongoing. It can't be a one-off. But I know how tricky that can be to stick to. This is why i created the Club. To make things easier.  To make LIFE easier.

Not everyone is interested in elevating life to the next level.  But you are. That's why you're here reading this. 

This is what The Possibility Club is all about. 

Put simply, this is the place to rewire and reprogram blocks and beliefs that no longer match the vision you have for your life and work.

No amount of reading, dabbling, paper positivity or wishing will bring you the change you seek. I know this first-hand and have now worked personally with hundreds of people to breakthrough their blocks when it comes to feeling stuck OR wanting to grow and expand into the next level with my intuitive guidance, coaching and energy work.

I have had the joy of helping thousands more change their lives with Rapid Tapping and now it’s time to bring my work to you with regularity, and for the first-time, provide a community base for you to connect within our Club membership platform and app. 

Existing for your wellbeing and self-improvement, we base our Club offering on a proven transformational method of ‘Clearing x Creating’ (™), with the ethos that to reach goals and create change, it’s necessary to clear limiting beliefs and sabotaging energetic blocks at the same time, continuously.

In other words, we can't expect to create what we truly want in life if we are subconsciously and energetically blindsided by a ‘default’ record of our past experience. It keeps us small. But there is a way to change all that...

Covering core themes, and life 'Zones' such as relationships, money, energy and work... the Club is a place to support your dreams, day-in-day-out. 

Whatever stage or emotional state you are in - from the depths of ‘stuckness’ to the heights of success, our Club is devoted to helping you identify, shift and reprogram your unique ‘hidden limits’ to proactively heal them, so you can access new possibilities. Used consistently and based on the clinical and science-backed evidence of tapping, it’s a proven pathway to finally create the emotional freedom and life you want. 

Become a Possibility-seeker with us.

Recommended in The Sunday Times Style and The Telegraph, RAPID TAPPING® is a transformational, trademarked 'super-tool of self-development', which takes EFT that step further into mindset development to manifest our goals.

Each month, you clear:

Self-defeating limitations

Old beliefs that keep us stuck

Toxic patterns of behaviour

Trauma and deep wounds

Negative Habits and Thought-Patterns

Self-criticism and ‘gremlins’

Brain-fog and anxiety


Each month, you create:


Self-worth and self-belief

Abundance and profitability

Clarity and confidence


Connection to self and others

Emotional harmony

Growth and progress

Tapping Explained

Tapping balances activity between the sympathetic  and parasympathetic regions of the brain, producing a neutral state of mind, often seen as the optimal state of wellbeing. Enabling you to experience a needleless acupuncture energy, the method focuses on gently creating a sequence of meridian points on the face, body and hands using one or two fingers. While tapping you talk through relevant affirmations, which allows you to reduce stress and negative emotions, rewiring patterns in your brain to create space for positive change.

Peer reviewed research and clinical trials have shown that the remarkable benefits of Tapping have power to reduce anxiety by up to 60%, signs of depression by 50% and blood cortisol by 43%. Tapping has also been proven to help heal people suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, depression and trauma and can benefit those with PSDT and chronic pain.

Rapid Tapping®  takes traditional EFT a step further by clearing embedded subconscious limitations in order to ‘tap in’ or ‘seal in’ as we call it, new possibilities and opportunities using the 7D manifesting Process outlined in our proprietary method, Pivot Into Power®. 


Upon joining the Club you will be able to access our 3 main events: 

  • Last week of the month - our 45 min Signature Live Guided  Tapping session with Poppy to raise your frequency, month by month. (Value £35)

    FOLLOWED BY: The Live Monthly Rewire 15 min Q & A - an exclusive dedicated space for coaching Q & A’s where your most popular questions about tapping, manifesting and mindset will be answered personally by Poppy.

  • 1st of the month - Core Monthly Themed RT 'Kit' to support your overall transformation, healing and growth, such as: self-belief, general-anxiety, relationships, money mindset, self-doubt, decision-making, confidence. (Value £25)

  • Mid month - Live Monthly Deep Tap - receive the ‘Borrowed Benefits’ of witnessing and tapping along to a real issue as one of the Club members experiences a Deep Tap from Poppy for up to 60 minutes. Plus, put yourself forward to experience one of her monthly Deep Taps on any issue you want help transforming.  (Exclusive to Club members - value £225)


*A resource library of 5 additional RT Guided Routines to stay in a positive and higher vibration from The Starter Kit.  Durations of between 30 to 60 minutes each. Unlocking extra ‘Vault Drops’ for you each month, over the first 6 months.

*All the social media 11:11 weekly Taps placed into the platform for you to catch up on and repeat.

*The Fundamentals of Rapid Tapping: how to tap, when to tap, the RT Tapping Points and the RT Frequency Scale. 

*Bonus RT techniques to use at home, such as 'Sleep Taps for insomnia cure', 'How to Finger Tap anywhere', 'Scream Taps to reduce anger' and specific RT protocols. 

**Plus bonuses such as first-come-first-served invitations to digital events and complimentary collaborative workshops, for example with our partners at AllBright and Soho House.

***Access and/or reduced Club rates for other services and products, including 1:1 Tapping sessions with our chosen certified Practitioners, Tap Packs and Kits, courses and programmes.

And the big one: A real, kind and curated Community with our own downloadable app and web platform, to help you thrive and stay accountable to your own growth journey with support. From doctors to celebrities to creatives to mumpreneurs, we are a diverse group of seekers here. Using the private app and platform (no Facebook hurrah!) you can buddy up to work through RT themes together, chart your progress and share stories here with other Club members and the House team.


So, you feeling ready for an up-level?

The Possibility Club is the new home for seekers of fresh perspective, emotional balance and new possibilities in life and work.

Focusing on the science and energetics of Rapid Tapping ®, it is a virtual Club to keep clearing subconscious and conscious limitations to bring new possibilities and well-being to your life.

Rapid Tapping® has proven effective in positively transforming energy, productivity, emotional health, mental health, pain symptoms, stress and insomnia. It works best with repeated use of core routines and within a live environment, that’s why we have started this Club - to make sure it’s accessible, easy and affordable to stay tapping in.

Based in neuroscience, energy psychology and spiritual strategies, we are the leading destination for the popular and rapid-results methodology, Rapid Tapping, selected by The Daily Mail as the leading 2021 Wellness Therapy for positive life transformation and recommended in The Guardian By Zoe Williams as being "exactly what I was after: grounding, undramatic, low effort, more or less impossible to screw up. A quick fix."

Our Mission

Personally led by Poppy Delbridge, and supported by an advisory team of psychologists, neuroscientists and holistic experts, our mission is to make this ‘magic method’ accessible to all so it becomes part of your daily wellbeing routine to bring life transformation to as many people as possible. Using the protocols of the RT methodology in Poppy’s guided sessions, it's designed to expand perspective and possibilities.

Me again, I just wanted to share this too...

There’s only so many Tony Robbins or Brene Brown books you can read.

There’s always going to be free workshops or talks you can dabble with. 

There’s always the initial good intention that starts well and fizzles out. 

Our thoughts, energy and focus shapes our reality - and so if you would like to change your reality, the work is ON. 

After spending over two decades studying metaphysics, human behaviour, creative development and manifestation, and from helping so many people with my methods, I have found that if we are inconsistent with ourselves, our results follow suit. 

To truly create change and accelerate, we best thrive in an environment where others are similarly committed to this too. And to invest in ourselves.

My mentor told me: If you pay, you pay attention. 

Investing in yourself is quite simply the most important step you can take if you want to grow exponentially. Ignoring the call for growth is saying a HELL YES to staying stuck and small. Saying no to tolerating 'meh', 'bleugh' or 'fine' is saying 'HELL YES to being enough and living a life unleashed.

So, lovingly, if you’re ready to actually elevate your life in a dedicated, accountable way with genuine people, good energy, proven techniques and expert guidance, accept the invitation today and join The Possibility Club with me. 

Answer the call. JOIN NOW

"A hot heart cooled and calmed. At the end I felt the urge to open my arms wide and hug the world."

Sarah S. 

"I’m beginning to think Poppy has magical powers! It’s life changing. At first I was like, what is this what a load of BS and now I’m like WOW."

Emma S

"I slept better than I have in months!  It’s absolutely amazing"

Stephen B

Still not sure? On the fence?

We understand. But you really have nothing to lose!

Listen to Poppy’s podcast episode about the Club here, along with some transformational tips on how to create new possibilities and opportunities in your life:


Transform every aspect of your life, work and wellbeing with Rapid Tapping®!

The Possibility Club is the new home for seekers of fresh perspective, emotional balance and new possibilities in life and work. 
Focusing on the science and energetic power of Rapid Tapping®, it is the curated Club to keep clearing subconscious and conscious limitations to bring new possibilities and well-being to your life.

Rapid Tapping has proven effective in positively transforming energy, productivity, emotional health, mental health, pain symptoms, stress and insomnia. It works best with repeated use of core routines and within a live environment, that’s why we have started this Club - to make sure it’s accessible, easy and affordable to stay tapping in and elevating every single month.



Who is Poppy?

Intuitive Guide, Life Strategist and Rapid Tapping Practitioner to celebrities to CEOs, and Founder of RAPID TAPPING® Poppy Delbridge has a 15 year background at the forefront of the creative media industry as an Ex Warner Bros Executive and Head of Development. Featured as one of “Television’s Most Powerful Women” (Glamour magazine) she's known for empowering ‘Energy Shifts’ to unleash true success and 360' wellbeing with private clients.

Across New York to LA to London, she’s been described as a “modern haute healer”, “a supercoach” and “the life-changer” by her high-level network using her creative development techniques with brands such as Soho House, AllBright and Adidas.

In the Club, she will personally guide, coach and boost you in your journey with her unique and much-loved neuro-manifesting methodologies Pivot Into Power® and Rapid Tapping® selected by The Daily Mail as the Number 1 wellbeing therapy of 2021 and recommended by everyone from John Lewis, The Sunday Times Style, Grazia and The Telegraph.


Your Club begins today

We are committed to long-term, long-lasting growth here at House of Possibility, and so we advise to see your Club experience as ongoing, as you would with a gym, a healthy diet or any kind of spiritual or therapeutic practise. Tapping can radically change your life.

Because of that, we advise you to take up the annual membership with us to anchor into the energy of the chrysalis it will provide you over time. 

There are two ways to join us:

Option 1: annual

£295 (save £150)


Go annual and lock in your place as a Founder member, saving £150 a year with our one-time introductory rate.

Extra Benefits:

Club ‘Founder Member’ Status and Rate LOCKED IN (it won’t go up, ever!)

First 20 maximise their membership with our limited edition 'Manifest' Frankincense candle (Currently exclusive to Club members, worth £35).


Option 2: monthly


Introductory Rate

Go monthly with no commitment for £37 introductory rate per month. No minimum sign up, leave anytime. Test the waters, give it a go. 


Best for you IF you want to dip your toe in, go slow, suss it out. However, you’ll miss the savings, the locked-in Founder status and reduced rate. 


If you have one of our special partnership codes to use, please add it upon checkout as soon as possible before it expires as these cannot be re-activated. Your unique code rate will be ongoing, until you decide to leave when you will return to the current membership rates. You can use your code for either Annual or Monthly Club membership.


Not Sure? See how we can help:



This isn’t another half-arsed membership full of dodgy PDFs, and lacking in substance. This is real interaction, live and guided routines, and events in your diary. The main monthly Tap alone is the cost of the whole Club investment, because the aim is to create a community where you step into true confidence, freedom and well-being in the most affordable way possible.

At a time where connection is vital, it's your personal growth Club where the proven neuroscience and clinical trials of tapping and energy psychology crossover with practical spiritual growth - so we can ALL get into (and stay in) energetic harmony. Why? So we can continuously clear and create more of what we want, with the added bonus of a curated membership around you to interact with others if you wish.

The Monthly Schedule

This is designed to be simple. We have a lot going on in life and this is going to accelerate your life, not overwhelm you. We encourage you to attend the monthly GUIDED TAP with a Q & A… the rest is pure bonus.

  1. 1st of every month - SELF-TAP KIT is out, which is THEMED You use it on repeat, for maximum results, as directed alongside everyone in the Club for a shared deep dive.

  2. Middle of the month is our ‘Borrowed Benefits’ Tap (exact dates/times will change for this to accommodate as many Club members as we can, and will be posted in the platform at the start of the month) - invite to Club-only live DEEP TAP, which is a 1:1 session, to tapalong to. You can submit your interest to have a live session with Poppy.

  3. End of the month (usually the last Monday or Wednesday evening of the month) is the main GUIDED TAP, followed by an exclusive Q & A for all your questions.

Can’t make it? Different time zone? All live events are recorded and posted on the platform for you.