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Life can be complicated and messy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to live it to the full.

By banishing negative thought loops and entering a new realm of self-belief, your career, relationships and even finances can flourish.

Poppy's bestseller book is a surprisingly simple, evidence-based way to upgrade your mindset, reduce your stress levels – and radically improve your reality. Fast.

By combining the principles of ancient wisdom with modern cognitive therapy, tapping provides an accessible way to silence the noise, shift your energy and truly start living in a profound state of joy.

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"Poppy is a powerhouse - this book is your new guide to achieve the stuff you thought you couldn't do or become who you thought you couldn't be. A MUST read!"

Laura Whitmore

Yes - we know tapping is clinically proven to drastically reduce stress, overwhelm, pain and anxiety by up to 60% in clinical trials - but what about using it for positive goals? 

From keeping me calm to manifesting impossible results, it's Rapid Tapping® that keeps myself and my clients - from CEOs to celebrities - happier, healthier and having a delightful life. Being human is hard but being energy is easy. I share these surprisingly simple energy-based and science-backed techniques and exercises in my first bestseller book, Tapping In: Manifest The Life You Want With The Transformative Power of Tapping. 

May it rapidly unlock parts of you and doors to all that you've been waiting for: more joy, calm, success, physical health, confidence, belief and accomplishments.

I’ve tapped with A-List celebrities, Fortune 100 companies and Silicon Valley CEOs - and now it's your turn to tap in.  


Happy Place Official is an official partner you can also find me as their tapping expert and manifestation coach on their No 1 app.


'That was bloody brilliant - I still feel the buzz now. I feel lighter, ready, empowered!'  

Fearne Cotton 
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"Poppy’s expertise in helping people uncover their inner strengths and super powers is incredible." 

Anna Jones, Founder of AllBright, Ex CEO of Hearst 

Who is POPPY?

"Taking over tapping" (Evening Standard), passionate pioneer for positive change and speed-dial to celebrities, leaders and Fortune 100 companies alike, Poppy Delbridge, is known as the ‘Priestess of Possibilities’ elevating people to tap in ultimate potential for positive change.

Across New York to LA to London, described as the “modern haute healer”, “supercoach” and "go-to for public figures" (VOGUE) Poppy has pioneered Rapid Tapping®: the science-backed, self-tapping revolution to reduce stress, boost energy and help us all manifest our desires.

Poppy has award-winning executive expertise at the forefront of creative media as BAFTA judge and chair, known as one of “Television’s Most Powerful Women” (Glamour magazine); a maverick thinker for Warner Brothers, Netflix, MTV and the BBC. From visionboards to boardrooms, Poppy’s mission is to help us live in wild fulfilment with accelerated results to a life we deeply love.

A true thought-leader, motivational speaker, her first book published by Little Brown, Hachette is a No 1 bestseller, Tapping In: Manifest The Life You Want With The Transformative Power of Tapping is a tailored blueprint for success. Her unique work is endorsed by The Guardian, Grazia, Fearne Cotton's Happy Place, The Sunday Times, Soho House, Bamford, ITV, Adidas, AllBright, ELLE, Stylist and The Telegraph. 

Reduce stress and anxiety. Ease self-doubt and overwhelm. Create the life you've always dreamed of – no matter how bad things might seem. If you haven't tried it yet, it's time to tap in.

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