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Ready to use this mood-boosting Manifestation Movement called RAPID TAPPING?


Zoe Williams – The Guardian

‘’Exactly what I was after: grounding, undramatic, low effort, more or less impossible to screw up. A quick fix.’’


But here's the thing: this book is your guide.


How does it work? How can you use it? What can you manifest?

Those are the questions I'm going to answer in my Book Club with videos and templates, which you'll access when you hit pre-order for my book today. 

It is possible to feel better, dream bigger and create results in all aspects of your life with this Manifesting Methodology. You ready to tap in?

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All you need to know to tap and manifest with me

An exclusive daily rapid tap video + script to help you become abundant

The meditation I use for masterful manifesting

 Why using tapping is so crucial to my own success and happiness

What to expect? 


  • Video and audio taps 
  • Meditations and more
  • Behind the scenes content 
  • Tap alongside with other members of the Book Club!
  • Track your progress as you work through the club
  • Learn how tapping actually works 
  • Manifest the life you want through the power of tapping!



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It's time to start tapping in...

  • To the life you want to live.
  • To the way you want to feel.
  • To the person you want to become.

I wrote this book because I want YOU to access the transformative power of tapping, just like I have.

Why? It is the most simple, fast and effective tool I've ever found in my life-long study and use of manifestation. It's also science-backed and I advocate your whole wellbeing - with a touch of energy repositioning.


Here's what the publisher, Hachette has to say:

  • A unique, science-meets-spirituality plan, Tapping In is a practical, positive guide
  • It provides readers with the blueprint they need to reach a new place of self-belief.
  • It explores how you can harness the transformative power of tapping to clear space, optimise energy and manifest your dream life.
  • You will also learn to re-programme your perceptions of what is possible
  • You'll learn how to apply a practical and strategic game plan to your career, finances, life and relationships.

Over the years of being a TV creative, mindset coach, mother, business strategist and modern-day mystic...  I’ve honed a unique method to manifest, using tapping. 

Yes - we know tapping is clinically proven to drastically reduce stress, overwhelm, pain and anxiety by up to 60% - but what about using it for positive goals?

Whenever I want to manifest something into my life - be that my career, more money, joy, my lifestyle, my soulmate, and even this book deal... Guess what I turn to?

From keeping me calm to manifesting impossible results, it's Rapid Tapping® all the way. And now I want to share what I've learned with you. I cannot WAIT for you to read it and I truly intend that it will unlock parts of you that you've been waiting for: more joy, calm and accomplishments that matter to you. 

I’ve tapped for A-List celebrities, Fortune 100 companies and Silicon Valley CEOs - and now it's your turn to tap in.   

Fearne Cotton –  Happy Place founder

“Wow, I still feel the buzz now, my energy is different, I can feel a lightness and a bit more ease in my physical body. The energy! I can definitely feel it.”


"The most popular sessions were Rapid Tapping: employees really engaged, it really did have an impact"



The Rapid Tapping tools, techniques and exercises in this book are not just for the the 1%. They're meant to be for everyone. 

When you start Tapping In with my book...

  1. You wake up feeling fresher, more energised and ready for the day.
  2. You have a powerful, reliable and fast-acting technique and tool.
  3. You defy your limits, your patterns and your self-sabotage.
  4. You access a higher level of potential.
  5. You look better. (With Rapid Tapping you're fighting wrinkles too - BOOM!) 

My book is available to pre-order today from all good bookshops and Amazon - and as a thank you for helping me push the tapping movement, I'm inviting you into my 'Tapping In' Book Club for free. Inside, we will countdown to book launch day (Sept 1st), and I share exclusive bonuses, secret live taps and powerful manifestation trainings. 

PRE-ORDER NOW and you'll be sent a complimentary VIP place in my new manifesting hub, 'Tapping In' and bonuses before the book launches on Sept 1st!









Ready to tap in?

Then join me on this journey of Tapping In - and start creating your life by design with Rapid Tapping techniques.


*Disclaimer: don't expect this not to upgrade your life. ;) 

Tapping is backed by scientific research; but it was founded by the Universe.

Who is Poppy Delbridge?

"Taking over tapping" (Evening Standard), passionate pioneer for positive change and speed-dial to celebrities and Fortune 100 companies alike, Poppy Delbridge, is known as the ‘Priestess of Possibilities’ elevating people to tap into themselves  - and their potential - in a wild way. 

Across New York to LA to London, described as the “modern haute healer”, “supercoach”, "Tapping Queen" and “life-changer” by her high-level network, who use her 'out of the box' trademarked techniques for success and happiness.

Poppy has award-winning executive expertise at the forefront of creative media as a format developer, BAFTA judge and chair, known as one of “Television’s Most Powerful Women” (Glamour magazine); a maverick thinker and producer for Warner Brothers, Netflix, MTV and the BBC. Bringing visionboarding into boardrooms, Poppy’s mission is to help millions manifest wild fulfilment and accelerated results to a life of joy.

A true thought-leader, motivational speaker and spiritual strategist for modern success, her unique work is endorsed by The Guardian, Grazia, Fearne Cotton's Happy Place, Quintessentially, Soho House, The Times, Adidas, AllBright, Stylist and The Telegraph. 


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Where can I buy the book from?

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How can I work privately with Poppy on manifesting? 

If you are looking for some high-level work with Poppy you can book in a call here: 


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A lot of your questions about manifesting and tapping will be answered in the book so what are you waiting for - pre-order today! 

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